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Benefits of Hiring a Web Designer 

Benefits of Hiring a Web Designer 

A poorly designed website can affect your business negatively. Actually, 70 percent of internet users say that they cannot make purchases from poorly designed platforms. Approximately 48 percent of consumers start their searches for products and brands on their mobile devices. And Google recently revealed that 53 percent of those mobile device users abandon websites when they don’t load in three seconds or less. 

So, if your website is badly designed or isn’t mobile-friendly, there is a good chance 61 percent of new users won’t return to your site, and 40 percent of them will prefer your competitors’ platforms. Do you now understand why you should work with a reliable web design agency to roll out a professional website for your brand? Here are other benefits of hiring a professional designer. 

1. Get the right design 

The landing pages of a professional site make the services, products, and value of a given business readily apparent. Studies reveal that consumers process text and simple visuals more effectively. A professional designer can help declutter your website pages and implement an overall design that offers a great user experience. 

2. Responsive web design

A higher percentage of consumers use smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices to access the internet. That means it’s important that your web designer creates a platform that is compatible with these latest mobile technologies. Suppose your site isn’t designed to adjust its elements to feet in different screen sizes automatically. In that case, you would lose the growing mobile search traffic, and users who land on your website would simply bounce off to your competitors’ websites.

3. Competitive advantage

Employing the services of professional web designers gives you the competitive advantage of having a functional website that offers an exceptional user experience. The web designers can help you stay ahead of the online marketing game with the latest website technologies and trends. Indeed, they can help you stay ahead of the competition because highly skilled web teams will be working tirelessly to ensure that your website complies with the Google webmaster guidelines. This could be your chance to outpace the competition. 

4. Save time

A reliable web design agency will create a functional platform within a short period. This would save you a lot of time and probably increase revenue in the long run. Whether it’s an online quoting system, appointment booking form, or contact form, professional designers understand the elements of specific white pages and what they should do to make such pages functional. That means they need a week or few weeks, depending on the complexity of your site, to design a great platform that resonates with your brand.

Most web design agencies provide other relevant services like website speed optimization, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and other aspects of digital marketing services. Working with a professional designer may give you access to these services at a reasonable cost. If you ever want an exceptional website for your brand, the best option is to hire a professional web designer. 

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1 Comment

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