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How to land more interviews and find your next job

You may have applied for the most well-matched jobs, worked hard on your CV and networked with the right people, and you’ve got an interview coming. What’s the next thing you do- Google for a few interview tips and wait for the big day? Most likely, you’re going to end up with the same template that everyone else has access to, and that would mean you’ve nothing new to offer.

In this article, you get a few tips to guide you on the best way to prepare for your next interview successfully.

Acknowledge your weakness

One of the most critical questions you will get in an interview is what your weaknesses are. Most people beat around the bush trying to evade it, and that will deny you a chance. You, therefore, need to know what your weaknesses are. You should be able to give weaknesses that are not significantly related to the job you’re applying for and what you’re doing to improve them. For instance, if you’re applying for a designer’s job, you could say that you’re not good in numbers and a course you’re taking to improve such a skill. Employers love working with honest people, and therefore trying to avoid such a question paints a nasty picture of you.

Learn to smile

Smiling is an art that very few people know and a sure way to stand out in a competitive job market. Nervousness may creep in when in an interview, and the best medicine for this is a smile. This gives you an edge over the crowd and breaks the tension that may be growing within you. It shows that you’re friendly and fun to work with. Who would not want to work with pleasant people?

Prepare for tough questions

Many people are caught up unaware when asked questions that look unfamiliar during an interview. You have to test your thought process and your ability to think on your feet way before the day. Prepare for questions like; why do you believe you are the best fit for the job? Here, you must be careful not to blow your trumpet at the expense of your integrity. Preparing for tough questions gives you confidence, which will be reflected in your responses.

Keeping your cool

Sometimes you’ll go for an interview, you’re well prepared, but somehow you lose your lines. Don’t panic; take time and regain your composure. Some interviewers will ask you questions to provoke you and see how you react. Remember, the prospective employer is not looking for an expert but someone who can handle issues even under pressure.

Get to know the company’s background

One of the things the interviewer wants to know is whether you have an interest in the organization. That is why you need to take time and research on the company. Get the management’s details- the director or the head and other key leaders in the organization.

When preparing for an interview, you have to get ready, get your facts right, and be ready for the most challenging moments. Above all, when you run out of answers, do not be tensed; get information on how to land more interviews from reliable sources. 

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