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Kid-Approved Attraction Sites in Put-in-Bay


Put-in-Bay – Ohio is more than just an island. There are numerous things you and your loved ones can do on the island, making it one of the top travel destinations in Lake Erie region. If you are planning a family trip with kids, be sure to choose kid-friendly activities. It’s also important to choose the right Put-in-Bay hotel, resort, vacation home, or any other option that suits your kids. 

DeRivera Park 

The park takes its name after Jose DeRivera, the founder of Put-in-Bay. DeRivera Park has spacious sitting spaces where you can go for a picnic with your children. There is also a playground called Willy’s Playground within the park. It caters to older kids in one play area and younger children in the other. Parents can sit down for a chat in the sitting area as they watch their children enjoy themselves on the playground. 

Kimberly’s Carousel 

It is one of the last carousels remaining in the country. There is less than 100 carousals remaining. Your children may never have another chance to see a carousel, so the visit is essential. 

Put-in-Bay tour train

Besides riding golf carts in Put-in-Bay, children can enjoy a tour train around the town. The train has predetermined stopovers where you can get out, tour the place for some minutes, then continue with the train tour. There is a narrator on the train who provides a brief historical explanation on Put-in-Bay. What a way to introduce your children to the island!

The Perry’s Cave

The cave is found at the Perry’s Family Fun Centre. It has a constant temperature of 50 degrees all year round. 

Perry’s cave has stalactites and stalagmites covered in cave pearls. It has a spectacular sight: your children will enjoy the underground lake found in the cave. There are tour guides available in case you want a guided tour. The gift shop available outside the cave offers an excellent opportunity to buy a souvenir. 

Lake Erie Island Historical Museum

Children like to learn about exciting things, and the museum provides information about the history of Put-in-Bay. When you visit Lake Erie Island Historical Museum, you watch a fifteen-minute video explaining Put-in-Bay’s history. Your children will be happy to learn how settlers lived before modernism. There is a  shop outside the museum where you can buy various items to remind them of Put-in-Bay history. 

Aquatic visitors center 

Kids love water games, swimming, fishing, and learning about aquatic life. The Aquatic Visitors Center was set up as a fish hatchery, but it was transformed into an educational center. Children are welcome to learn, fish, and enjoy themselves free of charge.

There are puzzles, coloring sheets, and other kids’ activities at the center. Children below sixteen years old can fish at the lake for free. The fishing equipment is provided at the center. 

Butterfly house 

The house has hundreds of butterfly species. Children have a chance to see the butterflies up-close and hold them (sometimes the butterflies land on the children). There is a butterfly-related gift shop at the center where you can buy butterfly-oriented gift items. 

Put-in-Bay Candy Bar

The candy bar is a must-visit for every child who visits Put-in-Bay. The fantastic thing about the bar is the variety of candy, some of which you ate in your childhood. There is an ice cream shop next to the candy shop. Kids will love to indulge in various flavors of candy and ice-cream. 

Put-in-Bay Resorts swimming pool

The resort has crystal clear water, and there is a restaurant that provides affordable snacks and food. What a perfect combination for a children’s day out? The swimming is free, but you need to pay for the snacks and food. Parents can enjoy a meal as the kids cool themselves in the pool. 

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