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Tips for choosing the best residential Bike Rack for your home

Bicycles are becoming popular in global metro cities. From celebrities, sportspersons to politicians, you will see influential people promoting bicycles for daily commuting. The bike or humble bicycle is an eco-friendly vehicle that allows you to contribute to a green and pollution-free earth. Additionally, a cycle also offers scope for physical workouts.

Usually, youngsters and the new age young adults prefer bikes for daily commuting. They store their cycles in their garage.  Often the garage holds more than one bicycle and other types of vehicles like a car or a motorbike. Hence, there is a high chance that the garage becomes a mess and your bike often suffers from damages. So, what to do?

The answer is pretty simple. You need to invest in the residential bike rack in your garage. The bike racks are reasonable and sturdy. They allow you to store your bicycle correctly. It also decreases the chance of damage and keeps your bike in proper condition.

But, choosing a bicycle rack is not an easy thing. You need to buy a durable stand, permits the structure of your garage, and is suitable for the particular bicycle model.

You will find numerous models of bike racks. There are vertical racks, fender bike rack, or fat rack. The material also varies. Hence, you can be confused about this matter.

Here is the complete guide that you can follow if you are thinking about buying a bike rack for your garage-

  • Check the location and the available place

The first thing you need to check is the location. The place where you are going to park your bicycle matters. If you have a small garage, then you might have less space. In this case, try to choose a bike rack that complements the available space. For limited space, vertical bike racks are best.

Additionally, take a close look at the wall space to store your bike correctly. If your home has moiré than one cycle, then the wall space becomes essential. It is best if there is at least a 350 mm gap between the bikes on walls. It prevents any accident.

  • Check the boke size

You might think that bike racks are universal. But, bike racks do differ. Since there are different models, the stands also change. If your home has multiple bike riders then check the types of bikes before you invest in a bike rack. It is better to divide the bikes according to their sizes. After you know their size, you can buy the ideal bike rack that supports each bike.

  • Check the bike type

You need to measure your bike wheel diameter and tire width for choosing the right bike rack. Here are more details-

  • If you have a bicycle with wheel diameter ranging from 20-29 inches and types who less than 2,4 inches then you can invest in a conventional and straightforward classic rack. Regular road and mountain bikes support the traditional or vertical racks.
  • Fender bikes are best if you have mud gears or fenders on your bike. It is also suitable for Aero bikes or stunt bikes.
  • If you have a bike with wide tires, then the best option is a Fat Rack. A bike with a wheel diameter of 25-32 inches and a tyre width of 2.4 inches to 5 inches need a fat rack to store the bikes. But, these are not suitable for eros or stunt bikes.

Follow these tips to choose the best bike rack for your bike within your Budget. Please makes sure to maintain the stands so that they remain functional for longer.



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