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What is Auto Muck and Muck in Poker?


Poker is a group of terms. As an online poker player, you may have come across the term “muck” in the context of poker. Another possibility is that you have been doing this all your  life without even realizing it. 

To take part in offline or online poker games, you must first understand what Muck in Poker is all about. In this article, let us decipher “muck” and “automuck” for you.

What is muck in poker? 

In poker, the term “mucking” means two different things, depending on who you ask. In poker, your muck can be:

  • Any of the folded or folded hands of opponents vying for that hand. 
  • Any card accidentally revealed during play.

“Muck” refers to placing the cards face down in the center of the table and discarding  (or removing) them. When you muck, you indicate to the dealer that you want to fold and sit the hand. further away. 

You can go ahead and grumble when it’s your time at the online poker table. Pre-flop, post-flop, turn or river – this can happen at any point in the game. A common scenario where this is used is when you consider your chances of winning the hand to be slim compared to the other players still at the table.

When players lose a matchup, they are likely to fold their hands instead of showing their cards to  other players. Even if you muck your cards in the showdown, the hole cards stay visible in the hand history.

What Does Auto Muck Mean in Poker? 

The show, Muck and Auto muck are the three options available at most online poker sites during a matchup.

On the other hand, what does auto muck poker mean? In poker, players can automatically mold their hands before putting their cards on the table, for example when they know they have a bad hand. Poker players can choose not to show their hands to the rest of the table if they are losing and rather use auto muck poker.

How to Use Auto Muck?

  • For the above reasons, many professionals advocate and prefer that you use a pre-match up auto muck online poker games option. Auto muck avoids the player from having to choose between mucking and showing, which could be probably a waste of time if the person playing does not know what to do.
  • After a showdown, most good and experienced poker players immediately learn about their opponent’s hands in the poker hand history. 
  • In poker, “do not show when folding last” may also additionally signify “automation muck” in game settings which are displayed before the matchup. Because of this, this option would force you to fold your hand if you were the last to fold among the other players in the game.


Poker’s mucking premise is simple. If you are a new player or have not aced poker, fold the cards face-down when the turn is yours, either when betting or at showdown table. Start playing on Pocket52 right now to gain practical experience.

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