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7 Digital Marketing Tools That Can Grow Your Business & Instantly Boost Your Revenue

Digital Marketing

Customers today are more digitally active than ever before. If you are business, you have no choice but to have your digital presence so that you do not lose out to the competition. If you are a business owner who is new to digital marketing, you can get confused, and even small tasks associated with digital marketing can be tedious and time consuming.

From getting a website up and running, ensuring your brand name is visible across social media, and responding to customers on time-these tools will make your life a lot easier.

If you are new to digital marketing, we urge you to explore these tools and sign up for a free trial to check their capabilities before going for a paid version. This will help you understand if these tools are the right investment for growing your business.

Here are listing seven essential digital marketing tools every business should be using.

There are many digital marketing tools we can add to this list, but we have only picked tools that are inexpensive and add tremendous value to your business. These tools, if used correctly, can pay themselves over in terms of business being generated. Here are the digital marketing tools every business should be using. 

Google Analytics

This is a no brainer. Google Analytics is Google’s analytics tool that you can use for free.

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Google Analytics helps you understand how visitors on your website are behaving, how they are interacting with elements on your website, and how you can improve your business. Google Analytics is simple to use and only requires placing a small snippet of code that can be created and placed easily.

Business analytics is the most critical skill for the business.

If you are using WordPress or Woocommerce as the platform for your business, you can install plugins like MonsterInsights plugin, connect it with Google Analytics and then start tracking websites on your business. Please note, you can add up to 50 web properties under one Google Analytics account, so you do not need more reports for many websites that you own.


Even though you might have already heard of or implemented Google Analytics on your website, we added this to the list as configuring your Google Analytics is as important as setting it up. So do test your analytics code to ensure everything is working correctly.

Get Started with Google Analytics Here


This is one of the best tools for managing your social media presence. Handling multiple social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter together for a small business can be hectic, so Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts together without you having to monitor on a day to day basis. Some of the features that HootSuite provides are social media posts planning, content curation, promotion of content from HootSuite dashboard, analytics, topics monitoring, team management, third party application support.

This tool has military-grade security as many military veterans have found using this tool.
HootSuite pricing starts at $5, which is excellent, considering you will not even get a real person to manage your social media accounts for the same cost.

Explore HootSuite Here


OptinMonster is one of the world’s most famous lead capture tools used by millions of websites. If your site is hosted on WordPress, Optinmonster allows you to easily capture an email address, phone numbers or any other details you require to send them to a mailing list or database.

You can easily connect your OptinMonster account to all popular email management tools and customize the look and feel of the pop up you are using.

Some of the features of OptinMonster are Page Level targeting, A/B testing, Sidebar/ Floating forms, content locking, exit intent pop up, behavior-based personalization, visitor segmentation, reporting, animated effects, drag and drop form builder and full-screen pop-ups.

Do note, OptinMonster is not free and costs about USD 9/ month depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Considering the cost of lead generation, we feel this is a minimal price to pay to have your visitor’s information, which you can use later for engagement or even direct selling.

Explore OptinMonster Here


MailChimp is a great way to manage and organize your email subscribers. MailChimp provides you a free account for saving email details of up to 2000 customers, which we feel is enough for a small business.

Once you cross 2000 subscribers, you can consider downloading the data and continue using the free plan or upgrade.

With MailChimp, you would be able to schedule directly and send emails to your subscribers, engaging them and even prompting them to buy new products or services.

Explore MailChimp Here


Video is the new way to search. Across the world, there are billions of searches happening on video streaming platforms, and if you have a presence there, you could very well open new avenues for getting customers.

Invideo helps you create professional-looking videos for your business in under 2 minutes. InVideo has a sophisticated algorithm that can quickly convert your text articles into videos, and you can directly post them on your YouTube or any other video streaming platform.

Pricing for InVideo starts at USD 10/month if billed annually. If you do not want to hire professional videographers and editors, then we recommend using InVideo to create high-quality videos.

Explore InVideo Here

Tube Buddy

This is another excellent tool for augmenting videos you are using for your business. Tube Buddy is a chrome extension that can optimize your videos to get more views and, thus, more customers.

Did you know that the majority of all video views on YouTube happens organically as a result of videos being recommended to viewers who happened to view a similar video?

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Tube Buddy will help optimize your videos to get these kinds of suggested views. Tube buddy will automatically suggest keywords, title tags, and give you many more useful suggestions.

Some of the features of TubeBuddy are opportunity finder, SEO Studio, Search Rank Tracking, Tag Ranking, Tag Translator, Video A/B test, Channel Backup, Channel Valuation and overall health report for your YouTube channel.

Explore TubeBuddy Here


You might have seen many websites have a chat feature with which they can engage thier customers as soon as they land on the site. This tool is one through chat applications that are easy to use, and chats can be even accepted from mobile phones, so you do not also need chat agents.

One such chat application is Tawkto, which helps small businesses get started with the chat functionality of their website for free.

Tawkto can offer many features such as canned responses, geo-targeting, proactive chat, website visitor tracking, customizable branding, and chat transfer.

The free version of Tawkto does not have all of the features mentioned above, but we feel it is good enough to get started.

Pricing for Tawkto starts at USD 1, so you will not get a cheaper premium chat tool than this.

Explore Tawkto Here

These are just some of the tools that can help make your digital marketing efforts more comfortable and more productive.

Even though starting an online business is easy, growing an online business requires expertise and hard work. Have you used any of these digital marketing tools? Which is your favorite digital marketing tool? Let us know in the comments section!

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