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Top Tonneaus To Give Your Truck the Sleekest Look

Top Tonneaus To Give Your Truck the Sleekest Look
Update your truck’s look with a stylish tonneau cover. These dynamic truck covers protect the contents of your truck bed, improve the aerodynamics of your pickup and give it a smooth, sleek look. Compare the latest BAKFlip truck cover options with other name-brand covers before placing an online order. Compare Tonneau Styles Covers range in style from a hinged fiberglass lid to a sleek retractable device that operates like a garage door. Here are the typical styles of covers you’ll need to compare:
  • Roll up
  • Retractable
  • Hinged
  • Folding
A roll-up cover wraps into a tight roll at the front of your truck bed. This type of cover is traditionally the least expensive. Soft roll-up covers offer lightweight convenience, which make them easy to remove and replace. Hard roll-up alternatives balance a tough surface with a quick and easy rolling feature. Retractable covers are the luxury option for your truck. These covers can be electronically operated or retracted by hand. They usually use durable aluminum panels and a locking mechanism, creating an incredibly tough seal. Hinged covers are usually hard and made of fiberglass. Basically, these covers look like another body panel on top of your truck bed. They aren’t always the easiest to install or remove, but they look very stylish when installed and painted with a matching color. Finally, folding tonneaus come in a tri-fold style to allow you to open one- or two-thirds of your truck bed at a time. They’re the easiest covers to quickly open and access your truck bed, and they usually cost less than a hinged or retractable cover. Hard vs. Soft Covers Shop for a BAK Industries tonneau cover in any of these styles to enjoy name-brand convenience and quality. In most cases, particularly roll-up and folding styles, you’ll need to choose between hard and soft materials. This is only the first step in your material decision making process. Once you choose hard or soft materials, you’ll need to compare vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and other options. Weigh your options by considering the cost, weight and durability of each material. A rugged cover is a great option for a work truck, but some hard covers add significant weight to your truck and don’t add that sleek look you’re going for. Review Sealing Options The sealing option is a crucial factor if you’re going for a sleek look. Some covers are incredibly low profile, while others look more chunky and tend to leave gaps around the edges. Here are the basic seal options you can choose from:
  • Low profile
  • Snap-down
  • Hook and loop
Obviously, every sealing option isn’t available for every type of tonneau cover. A hook-and-loop sealing feature is usually reserved for soft roll-up covers. Read customer reviews to consider the pros and cons of each type and see how your favorite brand of tonneau cover compares. Shop for Leading Brands Online Online shopping makes it easy to find high-end covers at competitive prices. Sort and filter your way to the best cover option for your truck in no time. Don’t waste time searching for tonneau covers near me, but shop online to gain access to a wide range of brands and cover options.

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