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Why Investing In Software Built Exclusively For Nonprofits Is Crucial

Why Investing In Software Built Exclusively For Nonprofits Is Crucial

While some donor relationship management platforms originated as for-profit customer relationship management software, it took over a decade of open-source development for the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to accumulate a full suite of features. Whether an organization is considering licensing Salesforce NPSP or the best software for nonprofits made by Blackbaud, it is imperative to select a donor management system with useful built-in features or integration options.

Eliminate Duplicate Data

Every dollar counts when it comes to the bottom line of a not-for-profit organization. Duplicate records have the potential to lead to redundant direct mail donation requests or overwhelming supporters with repetitive giving requests. The best way to eliminate duplicate data is to use platforms with built-in data quality utilities that merge duplicate records to improve the quality of available information.

In addition to internal improvements within Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce NPSP platforms, it is essential for organizations that use both of these platforms or any combination of donor relationship management and financial suites to standardize records across platforms. A Blackbaud Salesforce integration should strive toward improving the quality of the data available on every service a nonprofit uses to raise funds.

Omatic Knows Nonprofits & Their Most Important Data Points

An integration platform designed from the ground up for not-for-profit applications can improve data quality and fundraising outcomes. Crucial information for nonprofits differs from that of for-profit businesses. For instance, a nonprofit may need to track engagement with a cause, the amounts and dates of donations and referrals. Incorrect information can have more significant effects on future giving than making purchases.

When a nonprofit organization is seeking to integrate donor relationship management or financial software for tracking donations, it is important to ensure that crucial contact and giving information is completely and correctly reported. A platform that ensures that information remains intact through migration and ends up in the right records and locations for ready availability is essential to the success of future fundraising efforts.

Maximize Return On Investment

Licensing software for managing a nonprofit can be costly. Blackbaud software can cost thousands of dollars to license, and even Salesforce NPSP involves a significant investment in Salesforce licensing, although the Power of Us program can provide eligible organizations with 10 free subscriptions and selected discounts on top of a base fee.

Whether an organization decides to implement Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce NPSP or any other donor relationship management software designed for nonprofits or a combination of platforms, it is important to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of software. Blackbaud originated as nonprofit financial software and has a lot of essential built-in features for organizations operating on a not-for-profit basis. Salesforce NPSP may require a more extensive implementation period, but supports solutions customized for the unique needs of a nonprofit.

An integration platform designed for nonprofit use can ensure that the most accurate information is available across all platforms.  For the best results, an organization should implement donor relationship management software, financial software and integration solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations.



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