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What Kinesiology Is Used For and Various Kinesiology Tape Types


Kinesiology tape not only comes in a variety of visually appealing colours, but different styles, sizes and designs for certain skin types and injuries as well. Kinesiology tape products are designed for each level of athlete expertise, from inexperienced and sporadic athletes to trained professionals. There are a number of videos and application instructions that often come with the tape itself or are available online for free. However, many athletes are still unsure of whether or not kinesiology tape is a viable treatment solution for their injury. If you’re new to kinesiology tape and are unsure of what injuries and health conditions it is used for, take a few minutes to read below.


In this article, we’ll effectively outline the various uses of kinesiology tape, along with the different types to help you understand this therapy method and select the right kinesiology tape product for you.

Kinesiology Tape Uses

Kinesiology tape has a number of uses and benefits that makes it one of the most reliable forms of therapeutic treatment for athletic injuries available. Kinesiology tape is designed to support and relieve pain, inflammation, irritation and discomfort in the muscles, joints and ligaments. The taping strategies are designed to enhance the recovery of the athlete while stabilizing and protecting the injured area. Kinesiology tape can be used to treat fairly common muscle and joint injuries such as sprains, strains and subluxations.

Kinesiology tape provides stabilizing support before, during and even after a sport or exercise. In addition to support and pain relief, kinesiology tape does not restrict one’s range of motion, unlike many restrictive athletic white tapes.

Kinesiology tape works with the body, instead of against it, to help it heal naturally and provide therapeutic relief to accelerate the process. When an injury occurs, blood and fluids can accumulate and cause the skin to become swollen and sensitive. If there is excessive amounts of inflammation, the swelling cannot be removed by the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system allows oxygen and nutrients to reach and heal injured tissues and when it is compressed, the system cannot achieve this. Kinesiology tape gently lifts the skin to create space that promotes proper blood and lymphatic flow. This ultimately alleviates pressure and reduces inflammation while enhancing healing.

Types of Kinesiology Tape

Uncut Rolls

Uncut kinesiology rolls are available in a variety of shapes, widths and lengths, depending on what the wearer desires. Single rolls are mainly used for home use, whereas bulk rolls are requested and used for patients at hospitals, physical therapy clinics and athletic trainers who use tape to protect their muscles and joints or are more susceptible to injury. It’s important to understand that uncut rolls are most useful for individuals with some sense of knowledge on proper taping methods and rules as they will have to cut and apply the tape likely without assistance and independently. This is why uncut rolls are most commonly used in healthcare settings where the need for specialized, meticulous application is required.


For example, SpiderTech uncut rolls are designed for athletes and trainers to use as a support system against injury and help athletes perform at their peak level while the tape stays comfortably in place.

Pre-Cut Strips

Pre-cut kinesiology tape has become the most widely used type of kinesiology tape on the market. It eliminates the need for cutting and creating perfect applications yourself. This kinesiology tape comes available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and designs. Some pre-cut strips may come as serrated rolls, which allows the users to strip off the tape quite easily and apply, while other pre-cut strips may come in boxes, packages or as individual strips. Most pre-cut strips come available in shapes X, Y, I, or Edema configurations and only require the user to remove the backing attached to the adhesive to apply the tape.


Pre-cut strip applications are designed for certain injuries and body parts. As for pre-cut taping strategies, these applications do not require any cutting, measuring or designing, which makes them very convenient. The backing of pre-cut kinesiology tape applications are often labelled to inform the wearer of how to apply each section and in what order. These kits often come with instructions for various application methods. Extremely convenient, portable and easy-to-apply, pre-cut applications are arguably the most convenient tape to have on hand in the event of an athletic or exercise injury or emergency.

Rolls For Face Masks

During these uncertain times, it’s critical to protect your health and the health of others around you as much as possible.


As most corporations are requiring both staff and customers to cover their face with a mask, many have expressed how uncomfortable and restrictive cotton and even surgical masks are. Many kinesiology tape brands, including SpiderTech, are creating breathable masks made from kinesiology tape rolls that can be used as a filter for the nose and mouth. These DIY face protection masks are disposable and offer full-seal protection at all times. The material is also water-resistant and stretches on the skin to adjust to where you’re comfortable and won’t have to be re-adjusted and put the wearer at risk of contamination. It also remains in place without restricting the range of motion during a sport or any vigorous activity.


These masks are even more durable, comfortable and safe than others available as they do not require any re-adjusting or removal throughout the day.


SpiderTech is well-known for creating the most durable, comfortable and supportive kinesiology taping methods on the market. Providing not only outstanding muscle support and protection, SpiderTech kinesiology tape enhances athletic performance while protecting weakened joints or muscles against inflammation, strain and pain. Your shoulders will also maintain an optimal range of motion without any restriction with SpiderTech kinesiology tape. Their kinesiology muscle support tape is also water-resistant and sweat-resistant to allow athletes to wear it during practices, competitions and even in the shower!

Visit the SpiderTech website to learn more about our kinesiology taping solutions:

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