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Cotton silk sarees

Cotton silk sarees are often called “Sico” sarees. These sarees are woven with high-quality cotton and fine silk threads to give the buyers the best of both worlds. Cotton ensures that the wearer is comfortable and cool even in the harshest of heat, and silk ensures that the saree looks lustrous and elegant. 

There are many varieties of cotton silk sarees; Pochampally sico sarees, ikkat sico sarees, chanderi, gadwal, and paturi sico sarees, to name a few. With all of these different types in the mix, one might wonder why they should buy a sico saree. Therefore, down below are seven reasons why one should add a cotton silk saree to one’s wardrobe.

1. Comfort

Sico sarees exude comfort. The comfort that the wearer can get out of a sico saree is unparalleled. These sarees can be very helpful, given that summer is around the corner. One can wear sico sarees in any warm climate. 

These sarees are lightweight, and the fabric allows the skin to breathe, giving the wearer freedom of movement. Because of these reasons, these sarees can be worn throughout the year for any occasion and event. 

Because these sarees are made of natural materials, they look ravishing and do not lose the sheen over time. Hence, the wearer can be confident that they will look beautiful whenever they wear a sico saree.

2. Easy to drape and carry

As mentioned already, these sarees are made of natural materials that are lightweight in nature. Hence, they are very easy to carry and drape—thereby saving a lot of time and effort for the wearer while getting dressed. 

They are also easily manageable, occasionally starching and ironing them will ensure that they keep looking crisp and creaseless. This is also one of the reasons why many women prefer these over pure cotton or silk sarees.

3. Available in a variety of ranges

Pochampally, gadwal, ikkat, and so on! The options are endless, and one can be confident that they will never run out of choices with hundreds of motifs, colors, designs to look at and choose from. 

One thing a sico lover can be confident of is that they will never run out of choices. They are also very affordable compared to sarees made up of other fabrics. It becomes very difficult to resist buying these sarees.

4. Simple and elegant designs

Perhaps the standout feature of these sarees is their simplicity. Many buyers make the mistake of assuming that sico sarees do not look good or grand enough because of their simple designs and easy-to-manage material. 

But the craftsmanship and artistry of the weavers is unmatchable and is highly reflected in the sarees. The craftsmanship, combined with the region and style, specific design, motifs, patterns, and colors make these cotton silk sarees the best option for all ages and occasions.


  • Skin-friendly fabric


Another advantage of wearing a sico saree is that it is harmless to the skin. It does not cause any irritation or rashes that may occur with other fabrics. As cotton and silk are both highly recommended materials to wear by dermatologists, sico sarees are an excellent option for those with any type of skin condition or sensitive skin.

5. Durable

Cotton silk sarees are durable and will last for a good few years, given that they are appropriately maintained. Properly washing them or even dry cleaning them occasionally, followed by using a steam iron instead of a hot press can expand their lives. 

One of the best things about sico sarees is that they become softer and comfortable as they age. A little bit of research about proper care and maintenance can help one sustain their favorite saree for a long, long time!

6. Inexpensive and affordable

Cotton silk sarees are incredibly inexpensive, meaning that one can buy comfortable yet elegant-looking sarees without burning a hole in one’s wallet. Unlike other sarees that come at a hefty price which you cannot even wear throughout the year, sico sarees can be worn at any time of the year, be it summer or monsoon.

Although they need moderate care and maintenance, sico sarees are an excellent option for anyone, especially working professionals. Because they are easy to drape and easy to carry, they are also a top favorite amongst young women. 

Many women pair them with heavy jewelry or drape them in different styles as they are very versatile. One can even add a twist to the look by pairing them with sneakers. Sico sarees will go well with anything!


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