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7 Ways To Save On Groceries When Shopping In Stores Like IGA

Groceries When Shopping In Stores Like IGA

‘How can I cut down my grocery expenses?’ Isn’t it the question almost every one of us asks ourselves? Well, grocery shopping on a budget is a goal of all of us. And, grocery bills aren’t a joke, especially if you are a foodie. 

Organic can be pricy, and shopping without a list or making impulse buys makes the matter worse. Moreover, if you are shopping in a store like IGA, sometimes you can’t resist the urge to buy more. Don’t worry. You can prevent yourself from spending more on groceries. But how? Read on to know!

Shop The Season Foods

Knowing what is in season is one of the best ways to save money and waste less. Grocery stores like IGA offer seasonal ingredients to their customers, which lowers the price. So, the first tip for spending less is to build your meals around seasonal vegetables or fruits. 

You can buy extra that can be frozen for later. Fruits or veggies that travel farther cost more. So, try to resist the allure of out-season food that may prove to be heavy on your pocket.

Look Up, Down, And On The Ends

Superstores place the more expensive items at the eye level and cheaper items on the upper or lower shelves. Remember, sale items and seasonal ingredients are kept at the end of the store aisles so that they get more visibility.

So, the next time you find yourself confused between different brands of canned tomatoes, don’t just settle for what is in the arm’s reach. Make sure to look up, down, and all-around.

Create A List, Check It Twice, And Stick To It

Before you hit the store, take a look at the inventory of your pantry and refrigerator to find out what you need for the week ahead. Organize your list by category, as well as by the store’s layout. This way, you will avoid running here and there because you forgot something.

You can make an online list and take advantage of the in-store grocery shopping services. It will save you time and stop you from making any impulse purchases.

Join The Loyalty Program Of The Grocery Store

Whatever the grocery store you are visiting, ask the authorities for their loyalty program. Once you join the program, you may find several incentives that can help cut the costs every time you shop.

You are entitled to special discounts or offers that will provide you with value. Besides, keep an eye on the stores’ flyers, such as IGA Extra Flyers Canada, and determine what’s on sale or discounts.

Embrace The Ugly Produce (Soon-To-Expire)

The giant bins are not just for granola-loving people. You can save money by shopping in this section when you are running out of things you daily use, like nuts, flours, spices, etc. These ingredients are good in quality and are available in as much quantity as you need.

As they require less packaging, they aren’t very expensive. Almost every grocery store has a section that displays soon-to-expire things. You can shop this imperfect section for bell peppers ready for stir-fry or old bananas for banana bread.

Shop Freshly Prepared Meal Kits

Some stores also have food kits that feature fresh ingredients. Not only are they delicious, but they also help eliminate waste. Moreover, they cut the cost of purchasing ingredients. You can either find them in stores or order them online for home delivery.

Shop For Store Brands

Store brands are as good as, if not better than, a well-known grocery brand. Thus, it makes sense to buy milk, sugar, cleaning agents, etc. of the store brands. Sometimes, the same companies manufacture the most popular items that have the same quality, taste but have a lower price.

These are some of the tips on how to cut your expenses and boost savings on grocery shopping. The next time you go to a grocery store, keep these things in mind and shop smartly.

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