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A Sporting Holiday in Kuala Lumpur

Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash, Caption: You’re guaranteed a great time in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s Capital is an incredibly exciting holiday destination. Although many flock to nearby Singapore and Bali, there’s a lot to be said for this exotic gem. With architecture that’s both fantastically modern and truly ancient on most streets, some buildings that are famous the world over, and an uber-modern skyline, architecture nuts will be in their element. So too will be shopaholics thanks to the modern mega-malls that dominate the downtown area, as well as the colorful market stalls that are to be found in the older districts. 

We’re here though to celebrate everything that Kuala Lumpur has to offer for sports fans. If you want to experience horse racing at one of the oldest tracks in Asia, try your hand at paintballing in the wild outskirts of the city, or settle down to watch some sport in a bar with a difference then we’ve got you covered.

Visit the Selangor Turf Club

Visiting the Selangor Turf Club is a must for anybody with an interest in horse racing. Although horse racing isn’t the most followed sport in Malaysia, that title goes to football, those who do follow the sport are true fanatics. Selangor Turf Club is the perfect venue too, as its compact size makes it easy to navigate even if you’ve never visited before. The course was opened in 1800 but the facilities are truly state of the art. As well as hosting horse racing meetings, the turf club also acts as a venue for all kinds of equestrian sports, so if you arrive on a day where there isn’t racing, you could still enjoy watching polo, gymkhana (a local favorite) or show jumping. 

For those who are lucky enough to arrive on the racing day though, you’re in for a real treat. It’s all flat racing at Selangor and watching the horses thunder past the winning post from the right by the railings is an incredible feeling. You can feel the beat of hooves in your chest and truly understand the power of these immense animals. If you’re hoping to bet on the action then the easiest way is to wager your money online. SBO has created a helpful guide to betting sites in Malaysia, including information on which sports are available to bet on at each site, any bonuses that new customers can take advantage of, and the best ways to make deposits. 

Watch Cricket at The Sticky Wicket 

Once you’ve enjoyed all that the turf club has to offer, it’s time to head into town. Kuala Lumpur has a small selection of sports bars but the most special is without a doubt The Sticky Wicket. This sports bar specializes in screening cricket and with that in mind they’ve decked out the whole pub in a quintessentially British style. The clientele here is varied, but there are always one or two ex-cricket players at the bar. They’ll be very happy to regale you with tales of their time on the pitch which can make for a really enjoyable afternoon. 

The bar has a very simple menu, mostly gin and tonic, with a couple of local beers and occasionally bar snacks. In terms of a food menu, they’ve really gone to town with traditional pub fare. Those wanting traditional Malaysian food might leave with empty bellies, but if you’re after a great hunk of pie, a crisp fish and chips, or a ploughman’s lunch then you’ll certainly not be disappointed.

Play at Xtion Paintball Park

Now that you’ve watched plenty of sports, it’s time to take part in a little yourself. Kuala Lumpur has lots of venues where you can enjoy some sporting activities, but one of the most exciting is the Xtion Paintball Park. This park promises to offer paintballing in a way that you’ve never experienced before, with no less than three international tournament-sized fields, as well as two different zones are known as the Recball field and the terrifyingly named Mayhem Zone.

If you’re traveling as part of a large group then you can take advantage of their party packages, which allow up to twenty people to enjoy unlimited paintballs, state-of-the-art gear, and a pizza when you finish. Plus, they have an on-site photographer to catch snaps of the action. Of course, not everyone travels with such a large group of people, so it’s also possible to join on your own or in pairs. During tournament days you can still take part, but be warned that paintball is taken very seriously here so you might be coming out a little battered and bruised!

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