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Advantages of planning a birthday party at home

birthday party

I have seen people throwing Birthday surprise parties in big hotels and lounges. No doubt they seem very exciting and loud but personally I am a massive admirer of in-home parties. Let me tell you why? Many times I have been invited to parties that have been arranged in huge lounges and no wonder they are excellent and exciting. But somehow those kinds of parties don’t give me that warm feeling of togetherness. I always feel the hosts get so much indulged with the formalities, they don’t even get time to interact with the guests personally. I notice those numbers of children wasting food and drinks that really seems to be very awkward. The hosts never bother that mess at all because the food is already paid. So even a lot of food is leftover, you just can not take it home. What a waste of food and money! And I get disgusted when I know I will have to leave the venue at a particular time because the lounge hours are restricted to the booking hours payment that means if you have paid for two hours you will have to vacate the place within the time limit or else the lounge owner charge you for the extra time spent there. So, you drive far from your house to reach the venue and you can’t even stay there if you think of spending some extra hours there or want to have a cup of coffee with the host after the party. But amazingly house-parties are absolutely opposite of that.  Once you know how to arrange a Birthday Surprise party at home, I bet you will love the results and the advantages of planning a party at home.  You may find a few general blogs to get exclusive ideas. Here we will discuss a few tips to plan a successful party at home and its advantages

  • Always make a prior list of your guests. It will help you to prepare an exact number of invitation cards. Any wastage of cards could be avoided.
  • Decorate your house in a manner that you can re-use the material. For example, all kinds of hangings, birthday logos, and decorative items can be just tapped so that it gets off easily and be re-used in some other party.
  • At your house as you already have an entrance so no need to get a balloon gate made from the market. You can simply stick numbers of balloons with tape on your front door.
  • You know the party is for the toddlers who may cause a lot of mess as well. So always keep cloth napkins for them. They soak better and the best thing is they can be used again after washing. Well, Don’t frown, in the hotels the table napkins you use are actually re-used. Yes.
  • When you are arranging everything at your home, try cooking for the guests. These days many wonderful easy recipes for home parties are available online. You can try your skills here, no one will complain trust me!
  • If in any case, you are getting the food ordered, get it done before time. That will save your energies while the party rocks.
  • Serve the food in small sections because children fail to eat at a time. This way No tension of wastage of food and the leftover food can be used the next day.
  • Always pre-install the music system so that you do not have to jumble your home upside down for the wires, or remote or electrical point, or any such thing. Music is a very important part of any party.
  • Arrange games for the kids and a reward for the winner. This will fill every little guest with enthusiasm.
  • You can engage kids with some painting contests. For you are at your own place and there won’t be any time issues.
  • Make an arrangement of unbreakable crockery or disposable crockery to avoid any breakage and accident because It is just impossible to keep an eye on every child holding a breakable plate or glass.
  • You may cover your couches and chairs with beautiful covers so that you stay tension free when those fries and sauces are tossing on them. This way, your furniture will stay safe and covers can be washed later.
  • Arrange a big bin that is easily approachable so that your entire house doesn’t become a litter hall.
  • Bring the cake on the table only when it is supposed to be cut or else you would be celebrating some other kid’s birthday. (it happens)


Children have a strong liking for candies and chocolates. You can bring commercial packets of these items and later make small packets as their return gifts and rewards. Whenever a child obeys your command, reward him or her with a packet. This way all children will obey your commands and you won’t have to use your superpowers(at least not here). Here at your place as you won’t run short of time, you can ask kids to tell stories or sing songs which will prove a lot of fun for them and keep them engaged too. Keep a water-filled bucket in any corner of the house in any case of emergency. Keep your toilet clean and dry so that no one slips on the floor. If you are residing on a floor higher than the ground level, make sure your balconies are closed. I have a personal experience of some little devils present in such parties

Well, You always save a lot of money when you arrange a party at your own house.

Not only that, but you can also spend extra time with the guests as well as their parents if invited. You save a lot of food that can be later provided to poor kids or beggars who really never have had such good food earlier.  You can always get enough food and money but I bet you won’t ever get enough of this soulful feeling of feeding poor kids on the auspicious day of your child’s birthday. Trust me.

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