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Beaxy Exchange: Bitcoin SV has Robust Blockchain Infrastructure

Beaxy Exchange: Bitcoin SV has Robust Blockchain Infrastructure

In the recent BSV Virtual Meetup hosted by Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, the new faces working with the Bitcoin SV ecosystem are introduced, as well as the new ideas and projects they have in the making. The goal of BSV Virtual Meetup has always been to update audiences worldwide about what’s new with Bitcoin SV (BSV), as well as for them to know the people behind the many projects being built on the BSV blockchain. They are not just figments of imagination—they are real people who have found real value in Bitcoin SV.

“We’ve launched this to draw attention to the many people of different countries, industry sectors, backgrounds and interests that are building utility on Bitcoin SV because that’s what we’re really focused on in our ecosystem—building a digital currency and blockchain that can be useful to transform the world. And at Bitcoin Association, our job is not to actually build the businesses or create the products ourselves. We support the growth of the ecosystem by providing infrastructure, such as the node software and infrastructure tools, by providing education and outreach, and by supporting the businesses and products that do exist out there, and there are so many,” Nguyen said in his brief introductory speech.

One of the new faces in the BSV Virtual Meetup last March 4 is Bay Abbott, director and co-president of Beaxy Exchange, a Chicago-based digital asset exchange company that listed BSV on December 2020. Like most cryptocurrency exchanges, they did their “due diligence” and investigated the utility of Bitcoin SV. Soon enough, they found that BSV’s claims of having a stable protocol, infinitely scalable blockchain, professional-grade security and a regulation-compliant mindset are all true. 

“So early on, our head of operations came to the team, and he said that working with the BSV ecosystem and Fabriik was one of the best and easiest integrations that he’s had to date. So when you receive a compliment like that, it tends to resonate. And I think that can sum it up best,” Abbott said.

And this is all the result of the Genesis Upgrade released in February 2020 that restored the original Bitcoin protocol and made it as stable as can be. It also unleashed the capacity of the BSV blockchain for unbounded scalability—meaning its data blocks can handle big and even bigger data, making low-cost microtransactions possible and creating an endless potential for use cases. This is what Beaxy Exchange experienced firsthand and why they created a blog post describing Bitcoin SV’s capabilities as a “main refrain worth repeating.”

“Designed to be lightweight in terms of both transaction data and the associated network fees, the BSV team has built a robust blockchain infrastructure that can handle far more than a payments network—although it does that masterfully for businesses and individuals alike,” the Beaxy Exchange blog entry further stated. 

With companies like Beaxy Exchange attesting to BSV’s many functionalities, it is not a wonder that no smear campaign can ever derail it in its ultimate goal of global adoption. Check out the videos of past BSV Virtual Meetups to know more about the real people who found real value with Bitcoin SV. 

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