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Best Internet for Playing Games

Best Internet for Playing Games

There are over 150 Million Americas who play games on some sort of gaming device whether it’s a mobile phone or a PlayStation. However, one thing that a problem for them is not having a solid internet connection. Because when you are playing a game and the internet slows down in-between, nothing is frustrating than that.  Gamers generally need an internet connection that has lower latency, so that there are no lags while gaming.

Moreover, the upload speeds should be good as well along with having a faster download speed because that is something which is going to make the overall gaming experience better. Another requirement regarding the internet services that is usually said by the gamers is that it should not slow down during peak hours as this is a problem with mostly DSL and to some extent with cable internet as well. Since this is something that can only be solved through a strong internet connection, here is a list of some of the best internet service providers that offer great internet speeds for playing games.

Best Internet for Playing Games

Although various internet service providers in the US offer high-speed internet that is suitable for gamers, the best and widely available names include Spectrum, Cox, Comcast, and Frontier. You can check out details about all these providers including Spectrum via localcabledeals.  


  • Spectrum


Spectrum is a cable internet service provider that is a very suitable choice for gamers as it offers better speeds and lower latency compared to the DSL internet services. In the rankings, cable internet is below fiber optics but the reason for choosing it as the priority is because Spectrum is available in more than 42 states, which means there are high chances that you will be able to get Spectrum.

Regarding download speeds, Spectrum offers several plans for the internet services where the download speeds are up to 200 Mbps, up to 400 Mbps, and up to 940 Mbps. Meanwhile, the upload speed with these plans is 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, and 35 Mbps respectively. Besides that, the prices are good as well because you can get a download speed of up to 200 Mbps for $49.99 per month and the Ultra plan with up to 400 Mbps costs about $64.99 per month. Spectrum also provides a compatible modem for free with all internet plans. So, that is going to be an additional saving on your monthly cost. 

Another good thing here is that there are no data caps with Spectrum and your internet speed is never throttled. That will give you an edge as you will be able to download the updates, play multiplayer online games, and stream as well whenever you would like to.


  • Comcast


Comcast, which is also known as Xfinity is a high-speed internet service provider that generally offers services through its Coax cable connection. However, for those customers who need fiber optic and faster speeds, Xfinity does offer the option of Gigabit Pro internet which offers a download speed of up to 2000 Mbps and much faster upload speeds through its fiber network. But the only drawback is that Gigabit Pro is super expensive and costs about $300 per month. So, this plan is only a suitable choice for those who have smart homes, with multiple simultaneous users that use the internet for working from home, gaming, and streaming on several devices. This plan is also suitable for home-based internet-dependent businesses where over 5 people are working.

Xfinity also offers several other plans that offer download speeds from 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. These speeds are provided by Xfinity’s cable network and even the maximum speed costs less than $100. So, if any of these plans work for you, you can get them.


  • Frontier FIOS


Frontier FIOS is considerably great but a less available internet option that is available for gamers. Since the services are offered through fiber optics, the download and upload speeds are generally the same. Which makes Frontier an amazing choice for gamers. Moreover, there are mainly 3 plans available with download speeds of up to 200, up to 400, and up to Gig. These plans start at $40 per month while the customers have to pay additional for the modem and Wi-Fi router. 

So, if Frontier FIOS is available in your area, you can choose it without any hesitation as this is not just good speed, but lower latency, and the fiber does not slow down during peak hours as well.


  • Cox


Cox internet is one of the most expensive yet great internet options available for customers in the US. The reason being, Cox has service contracts and with the contract, customers can get a download speed of up to 150 for about $59.99. The equipment charges (modem and router) are on top as Cox charges $10 additional for the Wi-Fi gateway it provides. Moreover, if customers would like to go without the contract, they have to pay an additional $10 for that every month. So with all the bits combines, a download speed of up to 150 Mbps costs you about $80 every month. 

Furthermore, there is a data cap at 1TB and if you go over that, you have to pay an extra amount to purchase additional data. In case you would like to go with unlimited data, there is an additional $45 charge every month to provide users with unlimited data. So, that is like $125 per month with no data caps, no contract, and a download speed of up to 150 Mbps.

However, some customers do not have any problem with the contracts or the data cap at 1 TB, so they enjoy the outstanding service quality and reliable services. Moreover, Cox offers a free gamer based connection which automatically finds the best path to the server and reduces the latency. So, it is a useful feature that gamers love.


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