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Information on a career in BA Economics

Information on a career in BA Economics
Bachelor of economics is an undergraduate program for aspiring students to make a career in banking and finance and other corporate sectors. It is an amalgamation of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and statistics rich with information, theories, and analytics. The scope of BA Economics has seen a massive surge in the last decade, increasing job opportunities in various industries. The course curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge of economics with its theory and applications. In the multidisciplinary course, you can learn extensively about demand, supply, production, national income, international economy, inflow and outflow of capital, operations of loans, inflation and deflation of currency, GDP, etc. These concepts related to market, finance, and economy can acquaint you with understanding market trends and the working of an economy. As said earlier, a BA in economics is a vast field of commerce-oriented subject that can maximize your employability in the number of available career options. Here we are listing out some of the many carrier options available for you.
  • Actuarial science: It is emerging as a career option chosen extensively by economics graduates. Actuarial science uses mathematical and statistical methods that determine the possible financial risks in the insurance and finance departments.  The extensive knowledge of finance, market, and statistics imparted during the course curriculum can help you perform efficiently in this field. A well-qualified actuary can make around $150,000 annually.
  • Consultancy: The role of a consultant in a consultancy firm is to act as advisors to tackle problems related to production, distribution of goods and services, and monetary and fiscal policies. However, an economics graduate can serve this purpose with their knowledge of the market, economy, and finance directly into practice.
  • Banking sector: Banking and investment offer a wide range of job opportunities to economics graduates. Various job roles are available in the banking sector in financial control, financial planning, risk analysis, and data analysis. There are among the most in-demand job role with high earnings.
  • Employment in International organizations: A role in an international organization is a dream for many ambitious economics graduates. The course can equip you with several skills like data analysis, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and communication skills can secure you a position in various international organizations like UN organizations, international financial institutions, global and regional politics, and economic groups, etc.,
  • Financial services companies: Insurance and accountancy firms hire economics graduates to manage money and financial affairs with their extensive skills obtained during the years of learning.
A structured program of a BA in economics is designed to lay a strong foundational knowledge of the versatility of the subject to form a solid base for many highly reputed jobs. The syllabus of BA economics covers essential topics like:
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business communication
  • Mathematical economics
  • Design thinking
  • Venture ideation
  • Statistical methods for economics
  • Econometrics
  • Applied econometrics
  • Financial economics
  • Industrial economics
BA in economics is a relevant form of professional study. An undergraduate degree can track your career path by acquiring knowledge and developing appropriate modern business and economic development skills. The employment opportunities of economists are growing at a faster rate outpacing other occupations. Sign in to learn more about the program!
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