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Need Money Urgently? Fullerton India Personal Loan may be the Answer

Need Money Urgently? Fullerton India Personal Loan may be the Answer

You never know when a sudden financial requirement may crop up. The pandemic, for example, disrupted our lives in many ways. Businesses were hit, and there were job losses, prompting people to withdraw money from their saving or term deposit accounts.  As the economy returns to normalcy, you should prepare yourself to face such unexpected situations in future. 

Arranging funds during times of need may cause a lot of strain. Thankfully, the Fullerton India personal loan can make your worries vanish away in minutes. Fullerton offers unsecured personal loans, which means you do not require to mortgage anything to get cash urgently.

Before discovering how Fullerton India personal loan can help you get money instantly, let’s find out the best features of a personal loan.

The Best Features of a Personal Loan

The following are some of the major reasons why Indian prefers to apply for a personal loan, such as the Fullerton India personal loan, when they need money urgently.

Flexible End-Use of the Loan Amount

Unlike exclusive loans like an auto loan or home loan, a personal loan never limits the ways you can use the loan funds. Hence, you can use it to settle off sky-high hospital bills, carry out urgent repairs of your home or office, or spend on a renovation, which may include structural reconstruction, electrical wiring, or plumbing work. You may also use the funds to buy machinery or equipment for your factory or even to set-up a business. 

With Fullerton India personal loan, you may get a loan amount of up to INR 25 lakh.

No Personal Asset at Stake

An incredible benefit of a personal loan is that it is collateral-free. While a mortgage-based loan comes with added tension, a personal loan is a no-frills loan that can act like your trusted friend. However, non-payment of personal loan EMIs can decrease your credit score. In the worst case, the lender may serve you with a legal notice. 

Fullerton India personal loans are available both offline and online. You may also download the Fullerton India Instaloan App and apply for an instant personal loan.

Option to Choose the Paperless Mode

Gone are the days when you rushed to the lender’s office with countless papers to get a personal loan. Most lenders nowadays offer you the facility to apply for a loan online. You can use the personal loan calculator to calculate your eligibility, interest rates, and EMI, and place the loan request. Hence, you do not need to move an inch from your room to get the loan amount.

Fullerton India personal loan offers you a convenient online option for placing your loan request. Right from loan application to loan approval, the entire process is online.  

Fast Loan Approval

The hallmark of an instant personal loan is that you can get the funds in your account really fast. Usually, the lender takes a maximum of 24 hours for approving the loan. In the case of a pre-approved loan, however, you can get the funds in your account within 30 minutes of loan approval.

Fullerton India personal loans are usually approved within  1 working day of the loan application, and you can expect the funds a few hours of loan approval.

Flexible Repayment Term

When you are facing a financial crisis, availing a personal loan can appear as the best option. However, repayments may seem more challenging, which is why Fullerton India personal loans come with flexible repayment tenures up to5 years. If, however, you feel that you can close the loan early, you may also choose a shorter term. You may use a personal loan calculator to get a near accurate estimate of the amount you need to pay.

Money? Not a Problem Anymore!

Usually, when people require money urgently, they avail high-interest loans or turn to unlicensed lenders, who charge an even higher interest rate. Fullerton India personal loan interest rates start from as low as 11.99%, which means that you can apply for a personal loan without worrying about repayments. 

Here are the top features that make Fullerton India personal loan one of the best loan offerings in India.

  • The facility to apply for a personal loan from anywhere in India
  • The facility to choose from a wide range of personal loans, like wedding loan, medical loan, business loan, debt consolidation loan, etc.
  • Collateral-free loan amount of up to INR 25 lakh
  • Flexible repayment term, ranging between one year and five years
  • Attractive interest rates, starting from 11.99%
  • Option to apply for a paperless loan
  • Speedy disbursal of the loan amount, directly to your saving/current account.
  • Other loyalty benefits for being a loyal customer


When it comes to convenience, the Fullerton India personal loan scores high on all parameters. Hence, if you urgently need money, a personal loan from Fullerton can be your most trusted companion.

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