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Living alone is a peaceful thing, and more youngsters are endorsing it. One of the most enticing cities to live by oneself in is Chennai. It is serene, beautiful but also has the commotion of city life. It is balanced in every way but also economical. People can amuse themselves without burning a hole in their pocket. 

The apartments in Chennai are very economical. It is a safe city and is one of the best IT and automobile hubs. Many youngsters move here in search of jobs and eventually settle down. Having so many upsides makes Chennai an appealing prospect.

Apartments in Chennai are not very stuffy but possess a contemporary essence. They are more spacious than other big cities and offer significant services, such as jogging tracks, gyms, parking areas, pools, etc. These are attractive likelihoods for a young person because they have things to occupy them. 

Living alone can be isolating at times. Hence, having other activities to indulge in can break away from that monotony and offer people a great outlet. 


Since the person has the entire space to themselves, they can subjugate how they style the house. It must align with one’s aesthetic and also be pragmatic at the same time. Bachelors do not tend to overspend and hence here are some ideas to spruce up a bachelor pad:

1) Hanging art pieces can be a significant mood-lifter. It can change the appeal of a setting and instantly remodel it. Classic pieces are an excellent investment because they account for a perfect splash of color without trying too hard. It is also very functional because maintaining art pieces is not very tasking. 

If one does not wish to spend on an exquisite piece of art, they can use their old bike or guitar and hang it artsily. This will elevate the room aesthetically and look composed at the same time. Ideas like these are more pocket-friendly and enable people to make use of useless things. 

2) Music buffs can transform their passion as an object of a display too. People who collect vintage record labels can make displays out of it and let that be un unspoken language representing their personality.

3) Polished industrial floors are the epitome of contemporary interior styling, and they never go out of fashion. They have an edgy yet classic look that never disappoints. Having clean, polished wooden flooring in itself is a great accessory. They are so versatile. People can also opt for floorboards because they represent more masculinity and warmth. 

4) Pallet furniture is an oracle for budgeted homes. Their tutorials are available on youtube, where people can transform in into their DIY accessory. They look cool and edgy. They are exceedingly economical and easy to make. 

Many people are following this trend and creating their pallet beds, sofas, and other pieces of equipment. Having a raised platform bed is the most prolific idea, and it looks phenomenal. The look does not give away its budgeted pricing. 

5) Over cluttering is not always a way to move forward. Sometimes, beauty is in simplicity. Maintaining a home with numerous accents and designer objects can become daunting. The entire idea of living alone is to live on one’s terms and not worry about excessive maintenance. Having a minimal space not only looks good but is also hassle-free to support. 

6) Not everyone can invest in a video game or expensive modes of entertainment.  A dartboard is an excellent means to occupy oneself and their guests. It’s a classic activity that never gets monotonous. 

7) Exposed brick is another raging trend practiced by many households. People are posting videos of transforming their homes with exposed brick on Instagram. It looks very enticing and gives a raw and masculine charm to the apartment. Instead of installing them throughout the house, one can pick a house location, so they stand out. 

8) Wooden paneling is ideal to manifest those masculine vibes. Nothing speaks cozy like wooden paneling. However, if one is looking to cut a few corners, wooden paneling is expensive. Someone who is complacent with spending more can opt for this aesthetic. 

9) Leather is another tasteful installation that can amp up space. It is classic and looks expensive. If buying new leather furniture is pricey, one can procure it from thrift stores. 


The excerpt above mentions a few of the many ideas a person can employ while decorating a bachelor pad. 


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