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What Are VPNs Used For? 

You have probably heard of them. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are part of the basic tool kit for many people who use the internet for work or in their free time. While it may not be so familiar to every user, it is a tool that most people could benefit from.

Basically a VPN redirects your internet connection through a server that is in the location of your choice. There are many truly free VPN providers, and many of them will include encryption. If it comes with encryption, it will essentially scramble the data, making it nearly impossible for anyone to know your identity as you navigate the web. 

Now that you know what they are and what they do, here are some of the things that people do with their virtual private networks. 

Access Media Unavailable Elsewhere

Not only are some media libraries only available in certain areas, but many media catalogs have content that varies depending on where your internet comes from. For example, Hulu only streams to the United States, Puerto Rico, and United States military bases. Similarly, for many years, Spotify had severely limited geographic availability as well. Filmin is a popular movie filming service in Spain and Latin America, but is unavailable in the United States

Others, such as Netflix, will have different movies available in different regions. Because they have to buy the authors rights in each region, they spend their money in the ways that make most sense. This makes sense and allows them to provide the best selection to each country’s public. 

Most video catalogs will work this way. Disney Plus and Amazon Prime both work this way as well. Some of the streaming services have ways of detecting the use of virtual private networks. 

To Find the Best Deals

Products change prices in different places in the world. We all know that wine is cheap in France, and that gasoline is cheaper in the United States of America. But these products are not so easy to carry across national borders and will likely be charged a tariff. However, some digital goods do not follow this same logic. 

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Many people also use VPNs to find the best deals for flights. Though it is an unconfirmed rumor, many think that flights will be more expensive the second time you look. Using a virtual private network helps you work around that. 

While You Are Traveling

When you are traveling in other countries, you may have trouble accessing the same sites you use without a problem while you are home. Many sites and apps will have geolocation restrictions, which will limit your ability to log in and use your accounts.

For example, banks and banking apps can be very sensitive to where you are signing in from. This can also be very important when we are traveling. For example, if your card is blocked because they suspect fraud, you may have to log in to your banking app to contact customer service. A virtual private network could be key in this situation and save your vacations. 

Identity Protection 

Many of us are increasingly wary about our identity online. Whether we are worried about big brother spying on us, data collectors selling our info to the highest bidder, or old-fashioned identity thieves, keeping our identities secret is becoming more and more central. 

However, VPNs are imperfect shields when it comes to identity protection. This means that you have to choose the right one, as well as implement other identity protection protocols. The main thing to look for here is that your VPN has encryption included, so that your identity information gets hidden. 

However, if you are entering in your personal information on the internet, or engaging in reckless behavior, the virtual private network will not be a perfect and magic shield. It is an important tool, but should always be used with other identity protection mechanisms.

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