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What To Know Before Install A CCTV Surveillance System

What To Know Before Install A CCTV Surveillance System

Owning a land-based business in an area where crime is prevalent is worrisome. There is always the threat of a robbery, theft, and break-in. When a business operates in such conditions, any moment a crime could happen at any moment. In high-crime neighborhoods, cities, towns, municipalities, and inner cities, criminals are lurking around every corner. One thing that can honestly be said about most low-level criminals, they do not like security cameras, which is why they are extremely popular among businesses in high-crime areas. Buying a CCTV surveillance system will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your business, employees, customers, and family. Taking the initiative to invest in a security system is a step toward fighting crime. Below, you will discover how to install your new surveillance system with little to no effort.

Wireless Or Wired System

There are basically two options available when it comes to surveillance systems. These options are wired and wireless, both of which have ample brands and models to choose from. Depending on your needs and preferences, it may be in your best interest to opt for a wireless surveillance system. However, it is important to note, wireless security cameras pose a security risk that the wired alternative does not. 

Wireless systems are not 100 percent wire-free. In fact, they do have a power cable, so they are not completely without wires. The great benefit of wireless security systems is they do not require any type of hard-wiring. Basically, there is no need to take directly into your business’s electrical system. Wireless CCTV installation is as simple as plugging an electrical plug into a receptacle. 

Where To Mount The Camera(s)

Since you do own a business, it is likely you purchase a surveillance system with multiple cameras. This is generally not a big deal with wireless models. Wired models, on the other hand, will require more hard-wiring, since there is more than one camera. The electrical wire must be run to each camera to create a mesh security system.

Most businesses opt to mount a camera at the storefront. This location only makes sense because it is where all customers enter your store. It would also be wise to position a camera above the exit door in the rear of the building as well. This is where vendors, employees, and other authorized individuals enter your business.

If your business is located near a dark alley, street, or other areas, a camera should be mounted there as well. There are so many places that would make the perfect location for a security camera. Your options will be limited to the number of cameras included in the surveillance system. Fortunately, most manufacturers opt for expandable designs that allow consumers to add more cameras later on down the road.


Again, a wired security camera system is more secure than the wireless alternative. And, the wireless security camera system comes with a much easier installation process than the wired alternative. There are many factors to consider when shopping for a commercial CCTV security system.


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