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Poets and artists often talk about their experiences of beauty and everything they find beautiful around the world. Even though we all love their work, beauty is not something that is unattainable for everyone. 

Every person wants to be and look their best. We find our favorite celebrities on social media often flaunting their best looks and often wonder whether we could ever be the same or reach a level of glamour that they all seem to experience and portray. 

The answer is yes. Everyone no matter their age or gender can look as well as feel their best in order to portray and become their own authentic self. 

While there are some procedures like the best hair transplant in Pune and other cities that often help one deal with the physical aspects of their beauty, there are many other ways that one can start to feel more confident and beautiful in the mind. 


While human beings can simply appear to be one of the other living organisms on planet Earth, there is much more than just intelligence or the ability to feel emotions deeply that makes us much more evolved than other species. 

Human beings have a highly developed mind that often allows us not just to understand the logic and be rational regarding the world, there is also an aspect of creativity that is always ingrained inside each one of us since birth. 

Creative individuals may often talk about their inner child. This is what allows us to just have fun with creative endeavors and make beautiful and moving art. This is also what allows each one of us to appreciate art and beauty on a much spiritual and divine level.

Many people often feel blissful and calm when listening to beautiful music. This is because just like other forms of arts and beauty, music can enhance our ability to be in touch with the divine and experience the ultimate peacefulness and bliss. 


It is often said that beauty is in the eyes of the viewer. While this statement is philosophical and has less real or practical implications, it can actually be amended to something even more practical to be thought of in everyday life. 

It is much more important in our world to feel beautiful than to look or be beautiful. Now the idea of being beautiful will vary from person to person but the most important thing to keep in mind is to follow one’s own standards about beauty, and not be swept across by anyone else’s opinions of our looks, individuality, or authenticity. 

If one wants to feel more beautiful, they may do whatever they feel like to help them feel the same but it is never right to follow steps or get involved in a toxic opinionated mentality about someone else’s or society’s guidelines when it comes to things as personal as beauty. 

If one wants to work on their skin then they should surely visit a skin specialist and ask for professional treatments in order to help their skin feel and look better. The same goes for hair, one can easily get any out of a number of treatments like some of the best hair transplants in Pune or other cities. 

It is far more important to feel comfortable in our own individual self than chase a standard that has been set by our other fellow beings or society in general. This can only happen if one also learns to be more confident and authentic in the way they are and what they portray in front of other people. 

Self-care and self-love are two things that people should also incorporate in basic ways in their daily life and routines. Caring for the self can start from some basic steps like saying no to unhealthy foods and maintaining a healthy diet that suits one the best. 

In some cases, caring and loving the self may also need one to cut off from people that are nothing but toxic to them and their personal growth as an individual. Sometimes, we need to maintain and experience a healthy distance from people and situations that no longer serve us. 

This is an important step for self-love as not only does it remove the bad from our lives, it also makes room for something better to enter our lives that makes us feel worthy of the beauty and love that we deserve, by being our most effortless and authentic self. 

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