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acne scar treatment

Having acne and pimples can be highly embarrassing. It alters the way a person looks and diminishes their self-esteem. Breakouts occur when the openings of hair follicles become obstructed with oil and dead cells. They look unattractive and are a blight on one’s appearance. If this blocked area is infected with bacteria, the result is a pimple. The contemporary world is fuelled by forces like social media that propagate unreal beauty standards.

 Even if people are lucky enough to rid themselves of a stubborn breakout, it leaves pesky scars. In such an event, people must seek acne scar treatment. It helps in eliminating these rigid marks and regaining self-confidence. People must realise that breaking out is a natural phenomenon. Every individual undergoes this phase in life, and people should be prudent enough not to let this lower their sense of self. 

People with oily skin have a penchant for breaking out. They need to maintain a religious skin regimen and subjugate their eating habits. Despite taking the needful precautions,  they may still see undesired results that lead to acne and pimples. 

Acne scar treatments come in handy and promote better skin. Many market products claim to eradicate skin breakouts, but they are not sufficient, and people must make a more informed decision. Applying unreliable products can do more harm than good. By consulting a dermatologist and unravelling the breakout’s root cause, individuals can steer clear of them. 


There are numerous causes resulting in acne and pimples. They are: 

1) Hormonal imbalance: Individuals suffer hormonal imbalances during their puberty years. Men and women alike are more susceptible to uneven skin that often invites unnecessary nastiness. The ovulation period or the time before periods also witnesses a considerable fluctuation in their hormones. Women also undergo hormonal imbalances in the presence of disorders like thyroid and PCOD. Its presence can induce a face full of pimples. 

2) Stress: Being excessively strained mentally can manifest in the form of physical symptoms. It is the body’s immediate response to these simulations. Situations like exam time, pre-wedding time, or preparing for a job interview can intimidate a person. 

3) Crash diet: People assume crash diets as a means of quick weight loss. However, by depriving the body of food, they are signing up for a recipe for disaster. Having completed a given period of being on a crash diet, the person experiences particular cravings. They may get carried away and overeat. Binge eating foods like sweets and fried items are a significant trigger for breakouts. 

4) Medication: At times, medication prescribed to treat other malaises might backfire and have negative manifestations in the form of breakouts. Steroids and hormonal pills often have that effect on people. 

5) Testosterone sensitivity: Higher levels of testosterone are linked with pimples and acne. 

6) Yeast infection: Malassezia occurs when a pityrosporum folliculitis yeast penetrates the hair follicles and multiplies in numbers. It induces an itchy eruption that resembles acne. The most commonly infected areas are chest, shoulders, upper back and face. It affects men and women equally.  Humidity and sweaty environments are the detriments to this condition. 


1) The most cardinal step at steering clear of breakouts is maintaining a balanced diet. The meal must comprise nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibre. People must also regulate their eating hours and have fixed cheat meals. This keeps the spirit up and sustains the diet plan. 

2) Consuming fruits and vegetables is also exceedingly crucial. They contain antioxidants and other vitamins that promote a healthier glow. You must consume yellow fruits, carrots, tomatoes and leafy vegetables daily. 

3) Processed food must be eliminated from your diet because it contains harmful chemicals that deteriorate the body. 

4) It is also advisable to evade excessive gluten and dairy in your diet. They are highly indulgent and must be consumed in small portions. 

5) Skin hygiene is also very essential and must be taken seriously. Regular face and cleansing are crucial. One must also be conscious of removing makeup before going to sleep because unclean skin leads to breakouts. 

6) Showering after a workout is advised to eliminate the dirt and cleanse the skin. 


Hence, maintaining a balanced way of life and taking efficient treatments can establish healthy skin. Breakouts are also treated with medication and non-invasive methods, contingent on the level and cause of the trigger. Regardless, keeping a clean palette is inextricably important. Managing skin woes with natural remedies is also a great solution. 


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