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Factors to Look for while Choosing the Right Tuition Agency 

Factors to Look for while Choosing the Right Tuition Agency 

Hello there! I see you scrolling around pages and pages of tuition agencies to find the right tuition for yourself (or your child) and I know how tough it can get when there are thousands of such tuition agencies webpages. I’ve been there myself, trying to get myself the perfect tutor in the most arduous way – applying to every single tuition agency I chance upon. Well, let me tell you, what if there are just four factors to look out for when picking out the right tuition agency for you? 

Number of Tutors 

Firstly, the biggest clue to how established a tuition agency is has to be the number of tutors they have. Most tuition agencies have a stringent process to engage a tutor, from validating the tutor’s qualifications and experience to assessing them through a probation period. Each and every tutor is handpicked by the tuition agency’s tutor panel. Additionally, tutors will only want to apply to work with agencies that provide good opportunities. As picky as tuition agencies can be, tutors are also selective about the agencies they want to work with. When you see a large tutor base on the tuition agency, you can be assured to shortlist this tuition agency. 

Students and Parents’ Review 

The cheapest yet most valuable form of advertisement is word of mouth and personal testimonies. Most people find it a hassle to leave feedback and reviews even if they have enjoyed a particular event or game. Therefore, each positive review that comes from the student or parents reflects strongly how they have greatly benefitted from the tuition and genuinely wants to recommend the tuition agency to others. Conversely, reviews can also show the bad side of a tuition agency. Through reviews, one can get to understand what to expect and whether or not to avoid engaging the tuition agency. 

Range of Subjects 

Another important factor when it comes to picking the right tuition agency involves the range of subjects it offers. It is easy for tuition agencies to provide high supply of English, Math, Science, Chinese tuition because these subjects are the most common and the easiest to find tutors for. However, what about subjects like Geography, Social Studies, Literature, Economics, Tamil, Business, Accounting, Music and Art? These are equally important subjects in students’ report cards and they play a vital role in each students’ holistic development. Therefore, if a tuition agency can offer a wide range of subjects, it is a good indicator that it has considered the needs of students and has the resources to engage these tutors. Moreover, in the future when the student decides he or she requires tuition for another subject, it is easier to engage the same tuition agency rather than going through the hassle of finding a new tuition agency. 

Work Ethics 

An often-overlooked factor is the work ethics of the tuition agency. While most students and parents are focused on the cost factor when engaging a tuition agency, it is in fact more important to consider the work ethics of the agency. We want a tuition agency that will put students’ best interests at heart and find a qualified and experienced tutor for students, and not select the tutor that will help the tuition agency earn the most profit. We love a fair community. When disputes arise between you and the tutor, whose side is the tuition agency going to take? Or worse, will the tuition agency even step in to mediate? We need a tuition agency that is going to take a fair position and intervene appropriately when one party feels compromised. 

With that said, the above are the four factors to look out for when picking the right tuition agency for yourself (or your child). While penning down these factors, I have discovered Championtutor which has fulfilled all the above four factors. Championtutor is dedicated to meeting every students’ needs and prioritizes the interests of students.  If you are looking for the right tuition agency, give a try. 


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