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Safe And Sanitized: Manipal Welcomes Students Back with quality managed accommodation options

Safe And Sanitized: Manipal Welcomes Students Back with quality managed accommodation options

Living in a coastal city has its perks, but there’s more to Manipal than just sun and sand. Dubbed “Campus Town” by locals, the city attracts more than twenty five thousand students each year. As a tech and research hub, Manipal is an incubator for student-run technology and media start-ups. On a regular day, a PG or a hostel in a Manipal is host to students and researchers living it up and making the most of this city’s energetic vibe. 

Then everything changed. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown norms, the once bustling campus became deserted, the hostel rooms empty, and the streets silent. For months the student city remained practically unrecognisable, as the events and activities that characterised life in Manipal, moved into the virtual space. 

So how has the city changed in a post-COVID world? After almost an entire year, Manipal has launched a large scale back-to-campus movement – welcoming its student community to a whole new world. And what a world it is – one lined with sanitiser dispensers, temperature checks, and social distancing markers. Keeping government restrictions and pandemic precautions at the forefront, Manipal is back with its trademark fighting spirit to face the new normal. 

For students and researchers returning to Manipal, this means more than just precautions on campus or in labs. Clean and hygienic living spaces have now become our priority. And for those moving to Manipal for the first time, the basic rooms of old-fashioned hostels and PGs just won’t cut it. What young entrepreneurs in Manipal have always needed is a space to personalise and make their own, and now, it’s one that comes with a guarantee of safety. 

Let’s face it. Even before you embark on your academic journey to become an engineer or tech wizard, you want to know about the accommodation you’ve chosen, the comfort quotient, whether it’s worth your money, and most importantly, if you’re ready to call it your second home. It’s no different choosing a hostel in Manipal, especially with a wide array of single, double and triple occupancy PGs that claim to offer the world to you. Making the safest and best choice is super important, because it’s here that you will make memories to treasure for a lifetime.

So, where’s the option that combines the quintessential hostel experience of community and friendship with a high-quality standards of living (including mandatory hygiene and sanitisation measures)? Enter Stanza Living – a professionally managed accommodation service which provides fully-furnished spaces, extensive amenities and all the precautionary measures you would need to make you feel confident about your stay. And we do mean all. They carry out thermal monitoring of all staff and residents, sanitization is regularly done across the building and repeatedly for those common touchpoints (lift buttons, doorknobs etc) which are easy to miss.  They also introduced innovations like contactless meal services, train their staff in carrying out all hygiene practices efficiently.  Stanza Living ensures that students here can make the most of their university experience from the comfort and warmth of their accommodation. After all, a city as vibrant as Manipal needs accommodation options that can match that vibe. 

Now that accommodation is sorted,  how can you ensure that you make your move to Manipal in the safest and smartest way possible? Well, here’s some things to remember. Research your accommodation options well in advance – we’ve all got used to the virtual world, so it’s a good idea to take a virtual tour of some residences to see what fits your wishlist (and budget). Connect to current students, seniors or alumni – they’re a treasure trove of campus survival hacks. Pack the essentials only – the benefit of moving into a fully furnished space is that you have way less to carry. And finally, make that face mask and sanitiser your best friend. So, what are you waiting for? Manipal is ready to have you back on campus – it’s up to you to take the first step.

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