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Product Packaging: Why Is It So Important?

Product Packaging: Why Is It So Important?

Packaging is critical if you deal with the production and supply of goods, whether selling clothes, food, or even electronics. Believing that your packaging doesn’t count as the product itself is good may unwittingly cost you more than you bargained for. The way you package your product significantly influences customer decisions. If you are selling a quality product but fail to package it in a manner that pleases and attracts clients, you may end up not selling. There are different types of packaging, ranging from thermoformed packaging to chipboard packaging. 

The kind of packaging you use informs the customer’s decision by communicating the values of your company. Here are some of the reasons why your packaging matters.

1.Your packaging protects your products

Packing’s obvious importance is to protect products from damages, which sometimes happen during handling, storage, or transportation. With the right packaging, your products remain intact throughout the logistics process until they get to your client. Before deciding on the kind of packaging to be used, you need to consider the nature of what you are selling.

 As packaging is meant to protect from various external factors, you should ensure that your packaging is tailored to meet your needs. For instance, if you sell products that are susceptible to being damaged by light, you should choose packaging that maximizes light blockage.

2.Sets your brand apart

Whichever product your business deals with, there are hundreds of similar products in the market already. For this reason, you and the other business are continually competing to get the clients’ attention. It also provides a conflict on the clients’ minds, on which products to choose.

The Paper Work carried out a study and found that when a customer is deciding whether to purchase an item, this item’s packaging influences their decision by a third. Therefore if you want your brand to stand out and be the go-to brand, you need to put effort into the packaging. Such that the packaging captures the attention of any potential client.

  1. Packaging is a powerful marketing tool

Depending on how much you put into your packaging design, it may prove to be a powerful marketing tool for your brand. This is usually achieved by combining it with strategies such as in-store marketing. A well-branded product is likely to leave an impression as compared to those with a generic look. 

Both return and potential clients are likely to remember your product once they see the brand design or logo, and this may translate to more sales. This shows that it is essential to select packaging that leaves a lasting impression among consumers. Finally, the packaging should convey a positive message regarding your company to your clientele.


The next time you are tempted to give your product packaging less attention, remember that your packaging needs to be almost if not equally as good as your product if you want to boost your sales, make a good impression and to stay in your customers’ minds.


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